Stump Grinding Services

Turn To Your Local Stump Grinding Pros

Turn To Your Local Stump Grinding Pros

Our team in Cedar Rapids & Marion, IA uses top-notch stump grinding equipment

One little tree stump can ruin the appearance of your entire landscape design. Tree stumps can also be tripping hazards, so it's best to have them removed sooner rather than later. The pros at Marion Lawn & Outdoor use state-of-the-art stump grinding equipment to remove stumps quickly and safely.

If you need stump grinding services in the Cedar Rapids & Marion, IA area, Marion Lawn & Outdoor is the company to call. You can depend on us to do the job right and treat your property with care.

What makes us a top choice for stump grinding services?

You know that you need to schedule stump grinding services - the question is, which lawn care company should you call? Residents of the Cedar Rapids & Marion, IA area choose Marion Lawn & Outdoor because we offer:

Competitive pricing
Fast turnaround times
Woodchip cleanup and hauling services

We complete most stump grinding jobs within one day. If you're dealing with a stubborn stump, contact us now.